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OnlyFans is the phenomenon of the year, and although it was created a long time ago, it continues to grow exponentially since it is a very easy way to earn money. It is important to know how to search OnlyFans users to find the people we want to follow and how to find subscribers if we have just created an account. Next, we explain step by step how to search on OnlyFans.


How to search OnlyFans accounts?

The platform doesn't offer a search engine, so finding a person is a very complicated task. OnlySearcher allows you to run a OnlyFans search, so we can find any person who has an account easily.

The first thing you have to do to find an account is to have the name of that person or the username of their social networks at hand. If the account you are looking for is from a famous person, surely you can find it simply by writing their name in OnlySearcher. But the normal thing is that we want to look for less well-known content creators, so we will have to look for the account with their social networks

You can search accounts using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. If the person has linked their social networks to their account, or if an OnlySearcher user has completed this information, the person you are looking for will appear in the results. We recommend that you search for the person using all their networks and that when you find who you were looking for, fill in the information you know so that other users can find it more easily.

Anyway this is not always easy so we are going to give you some tricks to find people.


Tricks to find people

  • Use Google with the name of the person or one of their social networks. Most likely, the person has linked their accounts with each other, since to earn money in OnlyFans you have to make it easy for your followers to find you
  • Try each of the social networks that you have found of that person in our search engine. If it does not return a result, keep trying with the other accounts you have located
  • Lastly, check if that person has a Reddit account. This social network is preferred by content creators to promote themselves

If you don't find anything in OnlySearcher by doing the above, it is very possible that the person you are looking for does not have a profile on OnlyFans. The easiest thing is always to use Twitter or Reddit, which is where OnlyFans promote most their profiles, but we always recommend that you check with all the accounts that you can think of.

Another very good option to locate profiles is to ask in forums. There is always someone who knows the person you want to follow and who can help you!

If you are a Content Creator and want to earn money, we strongly recommend that you have an account on at least Twitter and another social media account and link them with each other, filling in the information in your OnlySearcher profile. That helps a lot to find new subscribers for you. As a general rule, the people who link their OF and the rest of the accounts get 900% more visits to their profile


Best accounts

You may also want to find the best OnlyFans accounts. These accounts are the most followed or best rated of all, so we want to make it easier for you to follow them. If you help your favorite models by voting their profile, you will make these accounts rank among the Top Content Creators, which will help them get more subscribers and earn more money.

You can find here the list of the best OnlyFans so you can start following them. Try it, many of them are free!


Search by categories

There is also another very useful option if you want to search by category. You may search by categories in this section, and accounts will appear in each of the categories. You can vote for these categories yourself and help other people find similar accounts.

To do this, on a model's page, open the Features menu and click on the ones that best represent her.


Free accounts

And finally we come to our favorite category. There are thousands of free accounts. Many people have 2 accounts, one totally free to get more followers and then another paid account in which subscribers have access to much more content.

You can find here all the free OnlyFans accounts

And we also have the accounts which they were paid accounts and now they are free.