What is OnlyFans?

what is OnlyFans

By now you have surely heard about OnlyFans. You may wonder what it is for, how it works and other details of this new platform, if this is your case you have come to the right place. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about it in 2021.


What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a social network platform in which artists, Youtubers, models, trainers, amateurs and professionals from any sector create and upload content and it is accessible to their followers.

From the user's point of view, exclusive content uploaded by creators can be accessed, while content creators can share in this tool anything they want to sell, such as photos or videos about their life daily, tips, work and more.

On this platform you can see images and videos uploaded by your favorite content creators. The main attraction of this network, and perhaps what makes it so popular, is that adult content is not censored, which can only be accessed by users of legal age. Although this content is very popular, it does not prevent you from finding other types of content appropriate for all ages, such as exercise routines or cooking and craft classes and even tips for living a healthy life.

Therefore, it is a platform where there is a wide variety of information, easily accessible, with which you can earn money and that makes it very easy to follow your favorite accounts and interact with them.


How does it work?

OnlyFans is an exclusive service that works through subscriptions, this means that users of the platform have to create an Onlyfans account and subscribe to the Creators of your choice to be able to access the content they upload (creating an account is totally free!). When it comes to subscribing to Content Creators, you have to know that there are different account types, some will be paid and others free, so you can enjoy a lot of content without having to pay anything.

There are two types of users: subscribers or users and Content Creators. In both cases, it is essential to register on the web using Twitter, Gmail or another email.


Content Creator

To access and be part of the Content Creators of this platform, you must register by first providing all your personal data and then add your bank details and select the monthly payment that your subscribers will have to pay. This price can be seen on your channel and thus your subscribers will be informed about how much it costs them to access your content. You can also make discounts, offers and even give them access to your paid profile for free for a while.

In your description you will have to highlight the type of service or content that you offer to attract the audience. The more you explain, the better, and if you can also show them examples you will surely get many more subscribers.

Another important detail is that to receive payments you will not need external pages. The Content Creators receive their earnings through the platform in an automated way, thanks to the data provided in the registration. It is a comfortable and safe service and you avoid having problems with customers who decide not to pay, because they can only see your content after they have been charged the agreed amount.



The operation of the platform as a user is quite similar, you must register and include the payment details to start following accounts. This information will be used to charge you when you subscribe to the Creators you want.

Once these steps have been completed, you will be able to navigate the platform or directly search for the profile you want and view its profile with everything it offers to subscribe to that particular content. Many content creators offer free trials, so keep an eye on the links they put in their posts to get access to even more content.


Free Onlyfans

There are lots of free accounts to follow. You can subscribe to a bunch of Content Creators who don't charge a subscription.

Although most Creators on the platform are there to make money, so they usually charge subscriptions, these could be as low as $5.

From a Content Creator point of view, the platform is not free either, since it charges a percentage of the profits generated, in this case it is 20%.

So, even though the website is free (you can register without paying), it depends on whether you want to follow some people or others, it can cost you a small monthly subscription. Each artist chooses how they want to charge their subscribers, so they make very good offers and discounts.

To enjoy this for free, you have to register. We explain how to register in OnlyFans quickly so that you can follow all the free accounts.

Here is the list of the Free accounts so you can start following them.


OnlyFans App

This platform does not have a mobile application at the moment, so the only way to use it is through its website, which you can access from any device.

Any OnlyFans mobile app that you can find on the web is not official and does not belong to the owners of the platform, so you must be very careful about providing payment details to these applications of unknown origin.


How to earn money

Many people have made from their account their work environment, but it is not something simple. If you are an artist, YouTuber, fan or create content and you are interested in being part of this platform, you need to know a little about Digital Marketing, since the income through this tool is based on the sale of content.

In order to obtain a greater number of subscribers, it is necessary to have a good description of the content you offer, you can also do promotions, discounts or use any other tool that helps you attract people to buy your content.

Another Digital Marketing strategy that can be applied on this platform is to include keywords that allow you to appear the highest number of times in search results, of course you must do this logically.

That is, if your content is about personal training, the related keywords that you can use would be: exercise, health, personal care, training, fitness and more, but make sure they are related to your content. If not, you can confuse your users and get less visits.

You can also search OnlyFans accounts and find people with a profile very easily and even promote yourself on the platform.


How much money can I earn?

This website is a tool that allows you to earn a lot of money.

For example, Bella Thorne earned over 1 million dollars as soon as she opened an account. People who are Instagramers and who create a profile, see their income skyrocketing easily up to $1,500 per month or even more, and we are talking about accounts with less than 10,000 followers.

Other models such as Steisy earn about $15,000 per month, and it is even said that la Reina del Brillo could be earning $3,000 monthly.

In OnlyFans you usually earn about $300-500 a month at least, but obviously it depends on whether you are able to move your own profile through the networks and promote it in searches so that users find you. In the website you earn 80% of what users pay, the other 20% is left by the platform for maintenance, marketing, etc. It seems like a more than reasonable distribution since in other industries the models sometimes earn even less than 30% of the total money generated.


How to search OnlyFans?

If you have a friend or neighbor and you want to know if she has account, it's very simple. Use OnlySearcher to search OnlyFans users using her username of Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and if she has an account, it will appear immediately.

This way you can find your friends and favorite artists and follow the content they generate and subscribe to support them financially.


How much does it cost?

This platform has rates for all types of public. There are countless profiles to follow for free, and to follow paid accounts the minimum price is $4.99. There is also the possibility of getting links to get Free Trial links to view accounts without paying. You just have to keep an eye on the posts of Content Creators and the private messages they send because they usually give away trials to other profiles.


How to promote your OnlyFans account?

Earning money with is easy if you know how to do it. You have to come up with a good marketing strategy, set measurable goals for yourself, and launch your content and promote your publications with the goal of growing in mind.

There are many ways of promoting your OnlyFans account..

One of the most common ways to do it is through social media. You can promote your profile on Twitter, Reddit, or even Instagram. We recommend that you complete your information as much as possible in OnlySearcher to make it easier for the user to find you. The more social media you link, the more likely they are to see your profile and get a new subscriber.

It is recommended that you have an intelligently elaborated biography, with links to your promotions and social networks. At the same time, try to keep your account up to date with versatile, original content, of good quality and resolution and containing both well-recorded photos and videos.

You can use Twitter and Reddit to distribute your content so more users can find you. You never know when a tweet can go viral! Remember that these two platforms allow adult content, but Instagram doesn't. So be careful when choosing an image for your promotional post on Instagram or Facebook, you don't want to get banned!



In 2019 this platform introduced a new account verification process. Right now each content creator has to provide a clear photograph of their face, along with an identification in the image. The purpose of this is to be able to verify with legal evidence who they are and their age.

The company states that the systems are constantly monitored to keep them as secure as possible and that their policy is to suspend accounts that make illegitimate use of the platform, so if you know any account that is false, report it and they will take action immediately.


How to delete your account?

If you have already tried it but you don't like it, you can check this guide to delete your OnlyFans account.